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Introduction and Aims

What is Health Care & Insurance Australia all about?

Research Methodology

How data was collected, sample size, weighting, respondent selection, questionnaire length, and data collection period.

Table of Contents

Table of contents of all 2021 reports.

Population Attitudes

Population level attitudes and behavior including: Confidence in the health system, ratings of Medicare, perceived and actual waiting times, public vs. private hospital preference, and the impact of Covid-19.

Inpatient Treatment

Public and private hospital treatment (in last 2 years), satisfaction, patient status (public vs private).

Out-of-pocket Costs and Transparency

Gaps incurred, booking fees, informed financial consent, influence of costs when selecting specialist/treatment, access to and demand for transparency of information.

Medical Practitioners

Doctors - GPs, specialists and alternative/complementary health practitioners.

Government Reforms

Awareness, understanding and potential impact of new private health insurance reforms.

Other Government Policy and Related Issues

Government policies, incentives, and penalties for encouraging private health insurance.

Attitudes About PHI

Attitudes towards Private Health Insurance: PHI population status. Essential? Importance and value of hospital vs. extras, quality insurance, complexity, and trust

The Privately Insured

Private health insurance status including: PHI status of the population; reasons for having PHI, exclusions, claiming, attitudes towards rate rises, consolidation and views towards natural therapies in cover.

Role of Health Funds

Private health insurance organisations, involvement in specific activities, role of branches and preferred provider arrangements, for-profit vs. not-for-profit.

Fund Performance Metrics

Health insurance organisation performance metrics and perceived changes - awareness, treating members as individuals, net supporter score, satisfaction, loyalty, trust, service, perceived strengths, imagery, perceived recent changes.

Health Fund Market Shares

Health fund market shares.

PHI and Employers

Provision of private health insurance by employers and fund visibility in workplaces.


Complaints against private health insurers and awareness of the Australian ombudsman.

Private Health Insurance Comparators

PHI comparators and intermediaries including Members Own.

PHI Enquiry & Purchase Process

Consumer behaviour and PHI enquiry and purchase process, and dynamics - including new-to-markets, switchers and those who did not proceed.

New-to-market and Intenders

New joiners in the last 2 years; likelihood to take out private health insurance in the short to medium term.

Review Existing Private Health Insurance Cover

Checking value and appropriateness of own cover.

Fund Switching

Fund-switching behaviour and attitudes - Hospital and extras cover switchers in the last two years. Likelihood of changing private health insurance cover in next 12 months.

Lapsing Private Health Insurance Members

Lapsed PHI members attitudes and behaviour, and likelihood to lapse PHI in the next 12 months.

Those Without PHI

The non-privately-insured segment.

Use of Technology in the Health Sector

Personal technology in the health sector: Social networking, mobile web-enabled devices, apps and wearable health monitoring devices, web-enabled medical consultations.

Mental Health

Attitudes toward mental health services in Australia, how PHI should be involved and recent usage of mental health services.


Demographics, voting preferences, distance live from nearest public and private hospital, languages spoken at home.


Health Care & Insurance Australia 2021 - Questionnaire.

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