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    Health Care and Insurance Australia
    Understanding what really matters to Australian health consumers

    In 2019 almost 20,000 Australians shared their opinions with us about their health and health care, and we have analysed and interpreted their responses on hundreds of issues. In an industry where nothing stands still, quality market intelligence is essential and Australian health care is no exception. Community perception of the overall quality of health care in Australia continues to remain at its highest levels, household budgets are constrained, and respondents’ ambivalence in the need to be treated in a private hospital has a widespread impact on the future of the private health insurance industry. Health Care and Insurance Australia understands what really matters, and what this means to the industry at large.

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    Marketing Intelligence to Inform your Strategic Direction
    Uncover consumer insight into public and private health care

    If your strategic planning demands knowledge of Australian health consumers' opinions and behaviour on key health care and health insurance issues, and experiences in our public and private hospitals, this comprehensive survey-based report provides an invaluable source of user-friendly information at a fraction of the cost of a self-commissioned survey.

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    Health Research Specialists
    Understanding Australian health and health care for more than 32 years

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Individual reports
New issues in 2019
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Most Recent Release

Report 17 - PHI Comparators


Reports released periodically until the end of March 2020

Table of Contents
Population Attitudes
Attitudes About PHI
The Privately Insured
New Government Reforms
Lapsing Private Health Insurance Members
Medical Practitioners
Private Health Insurance and Employers
Role of Health Funds
Those Without Private Health Insurance
Fund Performance Metrics
Health Fund Market Shares
Other Government Policy and Related Issues
Fund Switching
Introduction and Aims
Research Methodology
New-to-market and Intenders
Inpatient Treatment
Use of Technology in the Health Sector
Reviewing Existing PHI Cover
Out-of-pocket Costs and Transparency
PHI Enquiry & Purchase Process
PHI Comparators


We are one of the largest and best known research companies in Australia and the third largest in the world with an unrivalled portfolio of research expertise.


Daniel Pole


Daniel has been a lead researcher with Health Care and Insurance Australia since 2009 and co-director since 2011. With more than 20 years experience in market and social research, Daniel has investigated many aspects of the Australian health system for industry bodies, health funds, and both state and federal health departments.


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